Custom Wiring Harnesses

Custom Wiring Harnesses

Create custom harnesses for your field system

The mechanisms in your industry require miles of wire to provide power and allow communication between systems. If those cables and wires not bundled properly, your control systems would become a tangled, chaotic mess that would be almost impossible to sort through and maintain as well as generate high labor costs.

You can rely on Automation Enclosures LLC to create custom harnesses to guide your wires from your control systems to active components on your field system and offset lengthy install time and costly labor. We can pre-bundle wires ranging from 10 ft. to 60 ft. in length as well as label each end for easy panel navigation. We’ll pre-wire your harnesses for on-site field install through cable tray or conduits to your specifications and ease the potential headache during an outage .

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Industrial applications

If your business uses automated systems to complete a majority of your tasks, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from pre-fabricated wiring harnesses for your controls systems. We create custom harnesses for many industrial users, including:

  • Power generating stations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Engineering firms
You can rely on Automation Enclosures LLC to create custom harnesses for your automation processes.