Control Panel Assembly

Control Panel Assembly

Automate Your Industrial System

At the center of most industries is automation and the heart of automation is the control panel. The control panel is the central point of your automation line and designers turn to Automation Enclosures LLC to build quality control panels accurately and skillfully. No matter the complexity of your design, we can offer control panel assemblies that not only look great, but will be wired correctly to your prints.

Automation Enclosures LLC can assemble the control panels necessary to serve your facility’s automation needs. You can count on us to provide high-quality, affordable assembly services.

You can reach us at 812-453-8480 to learn more about our control panel assembly service.

We will assemble your control panel with care, precision, and free of error

With years of experience in the assemblies process, we will professionally fabricate your custom panel to achieve your goals cost effectively and on time! We have experience with many types of controls systems such as: Power distribution, DCS, PLCs, Lighting controls, Pump controls, and many more.

Work with Automation Enclosures LLC to customize a professional control panel for your industrial needs.